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Making it in Maine
Getting by in the Gig Economy
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But this is also the invitation to a conversation about young voices, vitality, employment, the nature of work and, ultimately, empowering young people in the state of Maine.

The personal information you provide in this survey will remain anonymous if we decide to share your story and experience in a public setting. More to come on that.

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Hi, {{answer_dili}}.

We're members of the Portland Global Shapers Hub. We started a project called Our Generation. This project aims to amplify the voices of young people in Maine.

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Alright. Let's talk education. What's the highest level of formal education you've attained?

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Do you have student debt? If so, how much?

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How many full-time jobs have you had in the past 7 years?

How many part-time & gig-type jobs have you had in the last 7 years?

Do you think you get paid enough?

Is your employer and/or office based in Maine?

Or are you one of those latte-sipping remote workers?
What's your salary range?

Are any of your jobs paid under the table?

We're not pretending like the underground economy doesn't exist. But to reiterate: your responses are confidential and will be kept anonymous.
How many jobs do you currently hold?

Between part-time, full time, contract, gigs, etc.
How would you rank career advancement opportunity here in Maine?

Is this the industry you'd like to be working in?

In five years, do you hope to be working in the same field you're working in now?

What's the ideal industry or job you'd like to work in?

Think as big as you'd like.
What do you pay for rent, mortgage, or any expense related to keeping a roof over your head?

Please include utilities. We're not sure exactly why, but this seems relevant, right?
In a normal week for you, how many hours do you work?

Don't forget to add work-related tasks like answering your boss' email at 10pm.
Do you believe that Maine can be a more attractive place to live for young people?

As a young person, what is one thing you wish you could change about employment opportunity in Maine?

Feel free to write as much as you'd like here.
Now, no one can be defined by a box. But we recognize that every one of us has a different experience. Please define your level of privilege by checking the applicable boxes below.

{{answer_dili}}, this might resonate with you. Or it might not. But this is what many of us find to be true about being a young professional in Maine:

Finding meaningful work here is difficult.
Salaries are low.
Expectations are high.
Growth is limited.
And moving away is often the best option.

We don't want to move. We don't want platitudes about economic growth or career development. We don't want to exchange business cards.

We want to talk about this problem and many of the often-ignored problems facing young people in Maine.

So we begin with this survey. And we will end with world domination. Maybe.

Our goal with this project is to empower young people in Maine. How many of the following projects would you be interested in being involved with?

Anything else you want to share?

Thank you, thank you!

We're going to be hosting an event around this called "Making It In Maine" on July 27th at SPACE Gallery. We'll discuss these survey findings (including your experience, anonymized!) and have a great speaker lineup.

For more information, please go to the Facebook page and RSVP. We would love to see you there.
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